Learn to Speak Accurately

Striking the balance between overstating and understating a problem or situation depends on accurate speech. In this episode, I’ll share thoughts on how to speak more accurately and why it matters. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free DISC Assessment. Download our free report, The First 7 Things to Do When You Get Promoted. Follow us […]

Make Yourself Accessible

This podcast is about more than just talking or sending messages. It’s about the broader context of leadership communication. In this episode, I’ll share a story with you about what happens when you don’t make yourself accessible, some thoughts about what that means to you as a leader, and offer perspective on why it matters. […]

Beware of Transferred Aggression

As a society, we are now well in to the first shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While I can’t foretell the future exactly, it appears that it could happen again before the pandemic runs its course. So, we need to develop skills to help us manage close, long-term contact with the same people day-in […]